Double Stage Regulators

DURA Series Regulators
DURA Series Regulators
Salient Features
  • First time in India a regulator suitable for 300 bar intel pressure and imported safety pressure gauges designed for 400 bar pressure, confirming to ISO 5171 standards.
  • Much more rugged.
  • Longer life.
  • Much bigger plenum chamber (2nd stage plenum chamber is 5 times the volume of
    • 1st stage plenum chamber) ensures :
    • Outlet pressure stability.
    • Steady flow of gases
  • Fire-retardant valve material.
  • Stainless Steel Diaphragm in 1st stage
    • can withstand stock of full cylinder pressure.
  • Neoprene valve in 2nd stage
    • Gives flexibility and better pressure regulation. Look For Seal of Safety
  • "ISI" certification.
lowmeter Regulators have proven performance in MIG Welding and TIG Welding applications. Here the outlet gauge is replaced with flow calibrated gauge to show flow rate in lit/min. This eliminates additional glass flow meter, which prone to get damaged.
DURA Series Regulators
Special Features
• Safety valve
• Plenum chamber
• Captive P.A. knob- Can not be lost of change with unsuitable type.
• Bonnet-Manufactured from high strength die cast alloy material.
• Diaphragm neoprene rubber
• Forged body
• S.S. valve pin
• Forged-cap spring
• Non-bursting S.S. diaphragm
• Valve made of fire retardant polymer
• High strength bull nose nipple
• Inlet filter prevents foreign matter
Double Stage Regulators
'B' Series Regulators
Double Stage Regulators Double Stage Regulator
Esab Multi Stage Regulators 10X63B & IDA50B continues the tradition of superior performance in the Double Stage range. The latest materials and advanced component design make these regulators suitable to meet the stringent demands of use in shop-floor as well as in outdoor conditions with enhanced safety. This regulators is provided with two pressure gauges one to indicate the Inlet Pressure and the other to indicate the Outlet Pressure. The working pressure can be adjusted by the Pressure Adjusting Knob.
Salient Features
  • Steady flow of gas at the outlet irrespective of cylinder gas volume
  • Pressure reduction from manifold or cylinder is achieved in two stages
  • Much bigger plenum chamber ensures steady flow of gas
  • Forged brass body & cap spring
  • Fire retardant valve
  • Safety valve
  • Inlet filter