ITW Chemin Magnaflux
From the NDT leader, a high intensity black light that sets new standards for performance, comfort, safety, ruggedness.
ZB100F Fan Cooled UV(A) Light
Rest Position
Excellent overall balance
The ZB100F, designed for use with fluorescent dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection processes, generates and emits ultra violet light with a wave length of 365 nanometers; the preferred wavelength for NDT inspection. The ZB100F is lightweight, well balanced, and has a cool* running temperature which provides superior operator comfort. The unit also incorporates multi-voltage selection at 220V and 240V.
Power Supply
230 Volt 50Hz 1PH
Current Draw
1 Amp
Typical UV Intensity at 325mm
4000 microwatts per cm2
Typical visible light emission at 325mm
Less than 0.1 Lux or 1 foot candle
100 Watt
*Running temperature at 200C
Less than 400C
Weight (Hand lamp only)
1.3 Kg
Weight (Hand lamp and control unit)
4.0 Kg
Lamp to control unit cable length
5 metres
Mains supply cable length
2 metres
NDT AC / HWDC Electro Magnetic Yoke Model Y - 7
The light weight electromagnetic yoke is the ideal tool for detection of surface or sub-surface cracks and flaws in any ferromagnetic material. No other low cost, portable equipment offers such versatility in Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Fast and simple to operate, it is widely used with either dry or wet method fluorescent or non-fluorescent magnetic powders, in the testing of welds, automotive or railroad components, machine parts, steel and grey iron castings, forgings, and in plant inspection, maintenance and repair.
Salient Features
  • Choice of constant level AC or variable intensity, pulsed H.W.D.C. for surface or sub-surface flaw detectability.
  • Solid state circuity for infinitely variable (stepless), potentiometric adjustment of DC magnetic field.
  • Articulated legs to suit differing component contours. Interpole distance adjustable from 0 to 300 mm.
  • Low power consumption. Current draw at 220V, 1 Phase supply - only 2 amps.
  • Extremely strong and intense magnetic field for superior sensitivity.
  • Portable & light weight - only 3.5 Kgs.
  • Can be used for AC Demagnetisation too.
  • No risk of sparking or 'hot spots' on the job. No current flows through the component being tested.
1. Preclean inspection area. Spray on cleaner-wipe of with cloth.
2. Place yoke on test piece perpendicular to direction of suspected cracks.
3. Energize yoke. Magnetic field will form in test piece.
4. Apply magnetic powder or prepared bath while yoke is energized.
5. Indication will form immediately.
Principles of Operation
When the yoke is energised, an intense magnetic field is created between the legs. This field can best be described as a multiplicity of invisible line of magnetic force extending across the gap between the legs. As the yoke is applied to the ferromagnetic component, the magnetic circuit is closed and the field enters the part making its passage between the legs at and below the surface. A crack across this field cuts the magnetic circuit; the crack sides become opposite poles of a magnet and a leakage field occurs in the air above the crack. Magnetic particles are attracted by this leakage field and indicate the location of the flaw.
A.C. Magnetisation
Creates a surface field which only detects surface cracks. Particularly useful for inspecting thick and irregular sections for surface defects such as fatigue cracks. Best results obtained with dry method.
D.C. (Pulsed) Magnetisation
Use of Half Wave D.C. Magnetisation creates a pulsing magnetic field with penetrates the work piece and detects surface and subsurface (slightly) cracks. Pulsing improves particle mobility and sensitivity. Can be used for dry and even wet method.
Technical Specifications : Model Y-7
Input supply
220V, 50Hz, 1 Ph (110V model also available)
Input current
2 Amps
Distance across poles
0 to 300 mm
Magnetic field
AC - Constant level, DC-Pulsed, infinitely variable.
Flux density
Approx. 10,500 lines of force/cm2 at 100mm pole spacing.
Lifting power in HWDC mode
Approx. 27 Kg. (60 Lbs) at 100mm spacing
Yoke Weight
3.5 Kgs approx.
Duty Cycle
50% (4 min. cycle time)
a) On/Off Switch
b) AC/DC Switch
c) DC Field intensity potentiometer