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The Filter-Master, a mobile mechanical filter, is designed and ideally suitable for use at various welding workplaces and conditions. Built of rigid sheet metal construction and finished with incorporating anti corrosive powder coating with the Filter-Master is designed for every day use. Four heavy duty rubber castors allow ease of movement within the factory and the extraction arm can be swiveled by 360°. It is therefore very easy to direct the arm into any desired position. The Filter-Master is the ideal solution to your extraction problems

The contaminated air captured by the extraction hood is separated from rough particles by a prefilter. Thus. the prefiltered air is directed through the subsequent main filter with a filter efficiency of more than 99,9 % and the clean air is fed back to the workshop by two lateral blow-grids integrated in the machine. A control light indicates a necessary replacement of the filter insert. To replace the filter, the top cover is folded back. The life expectance of the filter is subject to the application of the Filter-Master.

When not in use the mains cable can be stored on the cable holder. All necessary controls, indicators and instructions are shown on the detailled control panel.

Part No.
64 100 100
Filter-Master with one exhaust arm, 2,0,m, Ø150mm
64 100 101
Filter-Master with one exhaust arm, 3,0,m, Ø150mm
64 100 102
Filter-Master with one exhaust arm, 4,0,m, Ø150mm
21 400
Spare Filter
109 0033
Pre-filter mats, (set of 10 pieces)
Technical data
Fan performance
Extraction Capacity
1,200 m3h
Motor Power
1,1 kW
3x400 V / 50 Hz
Filter Effciency
Noise level
68 db (A)
weight (without extraction arm)
80 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h)
655x655x1.020 mm
The Filter-Master XL is the basic type of filter units with high effcient KernTex' ePTFE membrane filter cartridges. A great advantage of KemTex ePTFE membrane filter catridges- in addition to its high separation efficiency -Sale possibility of cleaning them. 'Re control of the Filter-Master XL monitors the collected dust on surface of the filter media and activates the neccesary meaning cycle.

The unit can be equipped with a 2 m. 3 m or 4 m exhaust am Within its range, it can easily be brought in every position, Bch remains self-supporting. 'Vie included KEMPER exhaust hood is rotatable by 360' and or be adapted to the welding joint because of its rectangular Shape