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Welding Rectifiers

The All Purpose Thyristorised Welding Rectifier. The proven work horse with high quality welding
Thyristorised Welding Rectifier
Rugged construction and design makes it an obvious choice for project site jobs, including Pipe Welding. Precisely designed smoothening reactor enables almost ripple free welding output which reduces spatter level during welding. With the use of class-H (Nomex) insulation in the coil windings, long life in the most hazardous and demanding conditions is assured.
Special Features
• Ideal for project site jobs.
• Rugged construction with heavy duty under carriage and rubber wheel.
• Class “H” insulation.
Salient Features
• Excellent reliability with high performance, suitable for outdoor, on-site use, even with long leads and cellulosic electrodes.
• Immunity from AC input fluctuation of ±10% with built-in overload and thermal cut-out protections.
• In-built hot start facility ensures easy arc striking.
• Low power consumption.
• Ideal for Tig welding with suitable accessories.
• Remote control facility
Technical Data
Supply voltage
415 V 10%
3 Phase, 50 Hz AC
Rated Input Current
27 Amps.
Rated kVA
18 kVA
Output Current range
10-400 Amps. DC
Maximum Current
400 Amps.
Open Circuit Voltage
90 V (max.)
Welding current control type
Insulation Class
Forced air cooled
Dimension (L x W x H)
825 x 695 x 1070 mm
Weight (Approx.)
195 Kgs.
Ordering Information
Delivery Content
Power source with remote control unit. For necessary accessories selection, contact ESAB..
Compact and Powerful MMA Welder
Robust and Powerful
The Buddy™ Arc 400i and 400i XC are heavy duty, fan cooled, IGBT based inverter controlled power sources meant for MMA / TIG (scratch-start) welding

MMA Welding
A wide current range and powerful welding performance make the Buddy™ Arc machines suitable for a wide range of applications and electrode types such as :
• General purpose
• Low-hydrogen
• Stainless steel
• Cellulosic
The BuddyTM Arc 400i XC model has controlled welding dynamics that provides excellent weld properties for welding pipe root passes.
TIG Welding
The Buddy™ Arc machines are capable of performing TIG welding with precise current control. All you need is an optional TIG-torch with a gas valve, a gas regulator and a cylinder of gas. You can weld mild steel or stainless steel material with or without filler materi
Voltage Reduction Device – VRD
In some areas a voltage reduction device, or VRD, is required. VRD is a safety function that limits the open circuit voltage from the machine to less than 35V. The Buddy™ Arc are prepared for VRD and the function can easily be activated inside the power source.
Easy Settings
The simple control panel of the Buddy™ Arc makes it easy to optimise settings, reducing the time taken for achieving the best weld characteristics. These units are equipped with hot start and arc force with the possibility to adjust parameters during welding. Hot start helps to avoid starting problems while arc force sets the intensity of the arc for improved weld quality. As an option the Buddy™ Arc can be equipped with a remote control unit.
Energy Efficient
The Buddy™ Arc machines are constructed to maintain a high power factor and efficiency, thus keeping the energy cost to a minimum without affecting the weld quality.
Safety and Reliability
The Buddy™ Arc machines conform to the International Standards that ensure the reliability and safe use of these machines. These units are equipped with overheating and mains over/under voltage protection that will temporarily switch off the machines automatically to prevent any potential damage that the components might sustain.
• General fabrication
• Railways
• Shipbuilding
• Civil construction
• Pipe workshops
• Inverter controlled - more efficient power usage
• Light weight - improved mobility
• Easy-to-use control panel - quick setup
• Adjustable hot start - easy to strike the electrode, helps you to avoid starting problems.
• Adjustable arc force - sets the intensity of the arc for improved weld quality
• Wide mains voltage tolerance - stable welding controls
Technical Data  
Mains voltage, V/Ph Hz
400V ± 15%, 3ph, 50Hz
Effective input current, A
Fuse (slow), A
Mains cable, Ø mm²
4C x 4
Permitted load at (MMA)
60% duty cycle, A/V
400 / 36
100% duty cycle, A/V
310 / 32.4
Permitted load at (TIG)
60% duty cycle, A/V
400 / 26
100% duty cycle, A/V
310 / 22.4
Power factor at maximum current
Efficiency at maximum current, %
Setting range (TIG/MMA), A
20 - 400
Open circuit voltage (OCV), V
68 (400i)
78 (400i XC)
Reduced OCV (VRD), V
Dimensions lxwxh, mm
540 x 280 x 510
Weight, kg
29 (400i)
31 (400i XC)
Operating temperature
-10 till 40°C
Application class
IEC 60974-1
IEC 60974-10
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