Welding / Cutting Blowpipes
Nozzle Mixing Type Hand Cutting Blowpipe NM 250
conform To : IS 7653-1975 & BSEN ISO 5172-1997
New generation Nozzle Mixing Technology for new standards in Safety and Efficiency, Light weight (1.44 kg) NM Cutters are easy to handle and can withstand rough usage for longer time. Not only piercing is made easier by NM Cutters, but they can also be used for gouging with NM 400 Torch & suitable Nozzles.
Cutting Blowpipes
NM Type Nozzle
Much safer, virtually no backfire due to mixing of gases in the 3 seat nozzle only. Making chances of backfire/flashback very remote.
Angle Head
Forged from brass rods - much stronger and longer life.
Tubes for 0, & Fuel Gas
Seamless Stainless Steel
Leverfor Cutting Oxygen
Stainless steel Lever, positioned for convenient handling by operator. Provided with a Latch Facility to avoid operator fatigue.
S.S. Filter at inlet (oxygen side)
Metallic instead of plastic - longer life, much better appearance and grip.
Metallic - better grip, longer life.
Weight of cutter
Much lighter - lower fatigue to operator, weight only 1.44 Kg. (without nozzle).
Injector Type Hand Cutting Blowpipe CUTOGEN 5
A sturdy well balanced Injector Type hand cutting Blowpipe. To cut upto 300 mm. thick mild steel. Injection type cutters can be used with dissolved Acetylene Cylinders. Can also be used for LPG with suitable nozzle. Standard version is 450 mm/ 90'. Also avalable in different lengths and head angles (180. The other models can be made available against specific orders.
Cutting Blowpipes
Special Features
• Body and head are of forged brass. Eliminate casting porpsity and ensure total safety and gas economy.
• Gas flow geometry designed to prevent backs flow.
• Laminar gas flow for quality cutting and gas saving.
• Swaged nozzles ensure parallel beam of heating flame; refacing of nozzles possible which enhance nozzle life without compromising on "cut" quality.

Look for seal of safety
• ISI Cerification mark